High Five Friday's

Aww young ones we meet again for our Friday social.

So i've been contemplating starting a petition to change the name of Friday to Firday. Why you ask? Well I have a couple reasons, the first is, I inevitably spell Friday as Firday (I just did it again...) every time I type the word out so this change would save me the hassle of using the backspace button and second because it just makes it sound so warm and cuddly like a soft place to warm after a long hard week. Genius, I know, now only if we can train it to start serving the margaritas at noon, I think I would be on to something....

My High 5's this week!!

1. This has been my gorgeous forecast all the week long! I love living in the dessert! 

2. I received Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman's new cookbook on Tuesday!! I was so excited because I pre-ordered it back in December so I didn't even have to think about it, the book just came to me. 

Yes I had it delivered to my office and yes I now own both books!
Groupie in it's highest form.
This cookbook is jam packed full of amazing recipes and I plan on trying a couple this weekend for our Shake Your Shamrocks party!! 

3.I discovered this excellent article about the correlation of red meat and a healthy diet and how the scientists who originally were "informing" the public that it was bad for your diet, didn't even use a relevant scientific study to determine this. It then shows you that red meat is NOT bad for you. Check it out here, you will be glad you did!

4. THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY won in the second round of the tournament last night!! On the road to the championship, GO BUCKS!! If you couldn't tell I am a lil hometown proud... Oh and Go KState Wildcats, I guess your my new hometown lol.

5. I found this and it's freakin hysterical. Your welcome.

Happy Firday my lovelies!!!


Nicole said...

That video - it keeps getting better and better! Too funny!

Sarah said...

Hey check out my post about Farming. I thought you would appreciate it.


Brandy said...

I'm all about cookbooks and trying new recipes! (As long as they are simple ones that don't confuse me too much. ;)