Armpits and Horny Toads

Well I had an action packed weekend all the way from Friday through Sunday! Do you know why?? I got to spend it with these guys

Doc and his Human
After work on Friday I met Cattleman at the truck stop and we took off like the modern day Bonnie and Clyde!  We were Oklahoma bound to see his nephew before he ships out for oversea's deployment, plus he has a 5 month old small human so obv a play date was in order. It's a two hour drive between here and their little corner of Okie so we had plenty of time to entertain ourselves whilst driving through towns such as Hooker and Tyrone a.k.a. the armpit of America according to the Cattleman, (please pardon his French if you Okies find that offensive, he happens to be a Panhandlonian as well...) he makes me giggle.

Never mind the terrible quality of the photo... 
Then we proceeded to play with this little fella which is never a dull moment. He farts a lot. *giggle*

C'mon girls say it together now d'awwwww, yep I got a keeper 
On our way home we of course had a dance party, where Cattleman definitely broke out in song to Spice Girls, LFO, OPP annnnnd Sugar Land. I love this man. :)

He also decided he wanted to see what it was like to be a dog.
While driving.
I was thrilled of course.

Off to Saturday, WE WENT ANTIQUING and it was fabulous! I found all sorts of neat things but only left with the least expensive / most sensible / useful treasures.

An old blue scale, 2 cook books, a quality rolling pin and a pyrex mixing bowl
Best of all, I got all my laundry done AND the house cleaned on Sunday which in my world is the most exciting part of the weekend. Yay for clean clothes in my closet!!

What did you do this weekend??

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