High Five Four Friday

1. My life was potentially threatened on Tuesday night. If you call threatened a tornado type cloud that you can't tell if it's spinning and your probably 15 miles away from it. But still facts are facts and I was in danger. Kinda.

2. Instant oatmeal has to be the greatest thing in the world and yes I do make it in a styrofoam coffee cup and eat it with a plastic spoon because I am to lazy to take a real bowl back to the break room. Don't judge me.

3. It wouldn't be right not to post a picture of my furbaby whom I love dearly. Last weekend when our families were in town, Stella insisted on guarding the cattleman's nephew when he went to bed.

4. There are approximately 33 hours until the Cowboys/Longhorns game and lets all pray the cowboys win because my house wont be very fun if they don't. I'd appreciate your sympathy.

And Finally a few words of advice for #5

5. I've been kind of a hot mess lately, oh hey that's generally how I roll. But with a big yes ma'am to madame Taylor the lipstick and wine will be flowing around 5:30 pm, see you there!


Mandy said...

I have that same watch and do the same thing with my instant oatmeal! Too funny!!

Go Pokes :)

Aly said...

We like orange. America's Brightest Orange. And Oatmeal.

Thanks for stopping by, Mandy!!

Sarah Grace said...

my bub-hub and i are watching the game now! :) it's keeping us on the edge of our seats that's for sure!

Aly said...

Oh geeze nail biter for sure! To bad the pokes got hipped on that last touchdown call. Shoot EM cowboys! Thanks Sarah Grace, for commenting.