Fall Delivery

I spent Saturday afternoon with my cattleman unloading calves out of Colorado. I really enjoy spending time with him doing something we both love so much. It was the perfect day too, the OSU Cowboys had a great win in the noon game and the weather was spectacular, 75 and sunny with little wind! 

Backing in the driver

Start the unloading

counting calves as they come off the trailer
double count

waiting on more calves

counting again (can you see a pattern yet)

sorting by sex

Calves in a holding area

holding area
Holding Area
turning lose

We unloaded seven trailers full coming up to 750 head of  fresh weaned calves. Needless to say it was an extremely noisy event due to all of the balling, but they're doing better now getting used to the new environment. I can't wait for next weekend we should be getting another 800!

- Affectionately, Tornado Aly


Sarah Thomas said...

Great pictures and captions! Glad you had a great time and thanks for sharing!

Aly said...

Thanks, it was great to see all those babies!!

Crystal Cattle said...

I can only imagine the noise. I hope everything stays healthy.

Aly said...

They are doing great and starting to calm down! Sweet babies :)