Fall Wreath

First let me say, I love thrifting. Like I really, really love thrifting. It's this amazing process where people get rid of things they no longer want or need, that from afar is a seemingly boggled mess. But, with a little imagination, craftiness and time to search on your side can result in wonderful treasure everyone else is dying to have but yours is the only one. It can't be duplicated. (p.s. I am not a photographer, so i apologize in advance for my inability.)

Wreath - $1.50
I found each of these following items at the local Salvation Army thrift store.
Odd Purple Flower Thingys - $.50

Glass Ball Thingys in fallish colors - $1.00

A flower bouquet that I took apart - $1.00

1/2 a roll of wired ribbon - $1.00

Put all of those pieces together for a combined total of $5.00, yep that's right, that no one, maybe several no ones, had a use for anymore and you get this fabulous one of a kind end of summer/beginning of fall wreath! See, this is why I LOVE thrifting!

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