Who are these people? Where am I?!?

Ok, so the million dollar question today is, are you ready for it????? WHY? I could have sworn when I moved I directed my 
GPS to Southwest Kansas but apparently it got confused and I landed somewhere between a Ripley Circus and... the Ghetto.

I was excited about neither.

 Do you ever pass people and wonder, why? Why would you have an airbrushing of a naked woman in a sombrero, with both of her arms chopped off and one boob in the center of her chest?? Not to mention her zipper like "stitches." Really, who on earth ever said that this  >>>>
was a good idea!!?? I mean I can honestly tell you this is one of the most bizzar things I have ever encountered and it's painted onto a persons motor vehicle. That they drive. EVERYDAY.

What about the old man that likes to ride his ginormous bike around town? I keep waiting for little bears in hats to start juggling each time I see him. Yeah it wasn't just a once thing this bike toting gentlemen rides around on a regular basis. If you ask me that's quite a fall looking for a place to happen. Don't come crying to us when you need a hip replacement, it's not our fault you like to be a one act show.

And lets not leave out the openly public bathrooms that seem to be mighty popular round these parts. 
That's just completely unnecessary. Seriously. I want to meet the person who designed this bathroom and shake there hand for being one of the biggest idiot... ever.  I'm going to start taking pictures every time I come across one of these beauties and create a collage for all of my faithful readers. 

Someone save me before Im sucked further into this *Twilight Zone*

- Affectionately, Tornado Aly


Jennifer said...

Hahaha! If it's any comfort, people are just as crazy a bit further east! Thanks for dropping by for a visit - always like to make new blog friends! P.S. Watch out for sombrero ladies and biker boys ...

the dated said...

How does he even get on that...bike?

Aly said...

Thanks for you support, Jennifer lol. Im really not sure how he gets up there, I bet it's a spectical all on its own haha.