It's the most wonderful time of the, week! H54F!

That's right it's lunchtime on Friday, my most favorite lunchtime of the week besides Saturdays and Sunday's.

I've got big plans this weekend too, I am going to run a 10K tomorrow as long as my pointer toe (yes that is the scientific name) is feeling up to the challenge, I apparently pulled a tendon while blasting my previous 5k record out of the water last night. That's right I shaved and entire 2 min off my time! I blame it on actually sleeping and eating a balanced meal, apparently I'm growing up. Then in the afternoon the Cattleman and I are going to Fall Fest and Art in the park! Two awesome festivals on one day. I can hardly contain myself. Keep watch on instagram (alypen3060)  for updates through my activities. Annnd THEN on Sunday we will be practicing on beef tenderloins for our big upcoming BBQ Smoke Competition on Sept 22 our team name is Smoke Break teehee!

I wish all of your lives were as exciting as mine.

Let's get down to the dirty of why we are here, it's High 5 4 Fridays where I tell you my most favorite parts of the last few day's.

1. Buckeyes football fans have been voted the No. 1 fans in the NCAA. That would be THE Ohio State University and we are kind of a big deal. :)

The script Ohio was also voted No. 1 for best game day traditions last year, not that I'm bragging or anything.
2. I found this little number from Ranch House Designs and popped it onto my background because the truth is what it is.

3. This isn't really new but I feel it's such an awesome radio station app that everyone needs to get it because it's totes def my fav. It's The Red-Dirt Rebel out of Lubbock, Texas your one stop shop for all things Red Dirt.

4. I've got some made cat dance moves! Shout out to my friends Shawana and Mike for such a fabulous wedding! I'm glad I could dance the night away in your honor.

I'm not really sure what we are doing here but if I had to guess it's The Wobble and we look fantastic. The cattleman only enters a dance floor on two occasions 1. I drag him 2. If they play Ludacris...

5. I'm glad it's finally fall and am going to celebrate with all things pumpkin, cabbage and hard cider. I'd love for you to join!

So what's your favorite pumpkin treat?

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