Guess who's back, back again Aly's back, tell a friend

Now this looks like a job for me 
So everybody just follow me (@AgriQueen)
'Cause we need a little controversy 
'Cause it feels so empty without me

How's that for a throw back? You're welcome.

Ok so after a horrendously long absence I have a case of blog fever tugging at my shirt tail. I wish I could be one of those consistent weekly update kinda people but lets get fureal here that probably isn't going to happen in the near future. 

Just thought I'd break that to you. Don't be upset I value each and everyone of you  but as a full time employee, full time student, runner of the houser and mother to these adorable faces

I just can't get it done.

How I compensate: Numerous quick shout outs on Twitter and Facebook keep my bases covered most day's of the year. (Follow me on Twitter @AgriQueen) Oh, and for those of you out there in my shoes trying to convince your cattleman dearest that the new iPad is the latest accessory to match your black cayman Rios well it may work but from experience, a month and $700 bucks later ummm I still don't get tho job done. I even have one of these handy bluetooth keyboards!

On the agenda my Dad is coming to town next week with my Aunt!! I can't wait to spend time with them to show where I work and live, it's going to be great! We will eat tons food, watch football and skip happily down the yellow brick road.

OOk so after all that rambling out being gone... I just wanted to let you know I have a couple of exciting posts coming up in this next week! Also, if you remember a post from last year (Fall Delivery) we are getting geared up to bring in more of these calves in October I'll keep you up on the down low probably mostly on instagram  (alypen3060) I take really exciting pictures *wink*wink*

Until next time peace out girl scouts.

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