Grammy's Got a Point You Know...

Do you remember, as a small human or even as a tweener, all those repetitive sayings that your grandmother, uncle or mom were famous for drumming into your skull? Thing's like, "No! You'll poke your eye out." Or, "I'm gonna smack the crap out of you if you don't quit!" Haha just kidding about the second one, Mom *wink, wink.*

"No Ralphy!! You'll shoot your eye out!"

I have three from younghood that stick out the most clearly, I mean out of the constructive life goal encouragement and educational type of sayings, not the I'm going to beat my child ones. Once again, kidding. Sorta.

Oh and if you haven't noticed yet I'm a list and numbers person hence the job in risk management...

On to more important things.

1.  Never write something down that you wouldn't want to see blown up on a court room wall.

Kudos for this one goes to my cousin Richard, he's a big snazzy lawyer that says important snazzy things like that.

But seriously everyone take this to heart. DO NOT EVER right down anything you don't want to see in court. That goes for every aspect of life these day's, you can have a case against you for ANYTHING these day's. Folks are just plum loony.

2. Do not finish sentences with "at." i.e. Where are you at?

My sudo grandmother was an English teacher in a her past life. She was an extremely intelligent woman with very wise and endearing things to tell you about but, for today this is the one that makes the list. It's just bad grammar.

I'm not sure where I picked up this dirty habit but I have been known to drop an at bomb once or twice then proceed to kick myself in the bum, hearing her repeat the mantra in my head.

This one is for 1. and 2. My wonderful family!!!

3. Push that wall of fatigue back. One more!!

Coach Frazee, if you ever read this, please know that this phrase has followed me around since the 10th grade. It is the single most motivational thing I acquired from my entire career in high school sports. I not only repeat this while running or during an intense work out when I feel like giving up but need to give it 10 more second, 10 extra feet or 10 more free throws but also during my life when I hit a tough moment in my career or with my family.

That's been seven years ago and I can still visualize the scene in my head, fall basketball conditioning, we were running down and backs finished with layups and I was coming to the brink when he shouted, "Push that wall of fatigue back. One more!"

Ha. We are the only two not looking at the camera for the
ONE and ONLY picture taken after winning districts...

Thank you, Coach Frazee for that moment of definition in my life.

My point in this post is to tell you that you never know when your giving someone a piece of advice or encouragement how it can effect the rest of their life. Even if they only repeat it in their head and never share it. Remember there is always someone looking up to you, please fill them with confidence, support and constructive criticism!!!

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