Life's Sweet Lemonade

Ok, I know I'm a few months late, literally, but I thought I would give you a post on my 1 and only New's Year's resolution which I actually did come up with wayyy back on 12/31/11.
Again, I am aware my timing is
a smidge off....

Cheers my friend!
I have resolved to find life's sweet little glasses of lemonade. If your not sure what I mean by that it is my twisted interpretation of the old adage: When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

I am sick of people only telling me negative things friends, family, news, workplace... your all guilty. Yes you. We live in such a negative culture it's almost shocking. It's like everyday is doomsday round hur. So to keep my sanity I will consistently be looking for the glass half full part of any situation. I've nearly always had this quality in my personality, yes I am one of those people that awesome, but I have never made it a point of practice.

One way I have come up with to keep me accountable is by posting regular Thankful Tuesday and High Five For Friday posts. It will be two set times a week I need to reflect and enjoy the great things I have been given along with another day to live, another breath to take and another key to strike.

So I guess what I'm saying is, get up Negative Nancy and go to something productive for your community and world. Plus you know if you keep making that face sooner or later it's gonna get stuck that way... seriously.

Let's get this Lemonade Stand crankin!

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