High Five For Friday's

I know what your thinking, TGIF right? ME TOO!! I'm so ready for Saturday morning, even though I never get to sleep in it just seems so much more relaxed than any other day of the week. I'm gonna break out my comfy jeans and a fleece pullover then head outside to plan my veggie garden. Oh, and build garden boxes so you can be expecting pictures later through the weekend. NEWS FLASH: Planters did not happen this weekend... Im sad to say the least, but don't worry they will be springing up (like my pun? lol) in the near future!!

This is my second decision this week for a blog post series (Thankful Tuesdays being the first) on my adventure to find the lemonade you can read about here. I first saw the series over at From My Grey Desk (super cute blog you should scope it out.) It's called High Five For Friday's, basically I am going to pick my 5 favorite things from the week and share them with you. Part of my New Years resolution was to find the lemonade in life rather than the lemons, and this is a great way to reinforce that mind set.

So here it goes, my first H54F:

1. I made my first chocolate pie complete with marange mixed in my fancy new KitchenAid mixer (thanks to my Cattleman.) Confession: No I didn't make the crust it was a frozen one, I'm not extremely enthusiastic about rolling pins. We have a love hate relationship. But my firends gobbeled it up anyway!

2. This picture only seems appropriate given the current post. Found on Pinterest.
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3. I found this picture on Pinterest also, and plan to make it this weekend in between garden planning and building... I'm not sure where I will hang/set it, but the saying made me giggle so its obv that I need it ;)

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4. I came up with 52 dates for under $25.00, I know I'm awesome your allowed to say it. You can check them out two tabs to the right! 

5. And for the last, it's DR. SEUSS' BIRTHDAY!!!! Happy birthday to the author that animated my childhood!

Thank's for stopping by and I hope you also have a fabulous weekend!!

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