Modern Day Dust Bowl

So if you are unaware those of us out on the plains have been experiencing dust storms due to the extreme drought we have been facing for the last year and a half... To be honest they really suck. My eyes hurt, I keep coughing and now my sinus' are plugged.

A friend of mine said, "In Kansas, we like to share our land with our neighbors."
LOL at least somebody found the lemon aide... 
But, enough about me what about the animals and the actual ground that's blowing around? Poor guys will be choking up dust for a week.

According to some predictions because of the lack of moisture for such an extended period, we will be experiencing this more often.

What did we learn today? Dust pictures aren't just for history books anymore, this is real life for us. Keep the plains in mind and for goodness sake send us some RAIN!!

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