The Stand

I've been doing some thinking about AGcovacy and how I can get more involved. I love to talk about agriculture, commodities and beef production. My passion is in the cow-calf sector, but in reality every aspect of our industry is just as important as the next. The packer buyer is just as much of necessity as the rancher calving his herds at midnight in mid February, if we had one without the other we would have nothing. So as a team we need to support one another.

I have an issue that every time I come up with a great idea/story to write a blog post about it ends up being a research paper instead of a quick and easy post and in consequence never ends up on my blog. I am working on fixing this problem and any thoughts are welcome.

It's crazy to think, when you are so emerssed in the agriculture industry, that there truly are people out there that have no idea about how animals are raised, milk is produced and how meat gets to the counter. Even in small beef community's such as mine, there are children being raised with the idea that we are evil and our products are unsafe. They have no idea that without the farmer or animal grower there would be no trips to the grocery for that hamburger or lean steak, no cereal down the breakfast aisle and lets not forget the milk to soak it in. Teaching these reality's has never been so important as now. It is so crucial to stand united and to help the consumer discover the true story of beef instead of the imposed outright lies from organization's such as HSUS (the Humane Society of the United States.) What are you going to do? What actions will you be taking to help consumers discover the truth about you?

Join me in the stand for agriculture, not only to show the true light but to save an industry and feed the world.

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